Are you having difficulty in finding a right foundry partner?



I want local
support team who respond quickly even though manufacturing
site is in Japan.

specific process

Customer's specific process

We want to
install / transfer our
unique process.

Process service

Process service

I am looking for
a manufacturing
site to transfer
my own process
and production.

High Reliability

High Reliability

It would be nice to find a fab with automotive qualification and has run automotive product.

Manufacturing Site

Manufacturing Site

I am looking for
a manufacturing
site in or near
Japan for logistics efficiency.

Assembly and testing process (ATP)


I want to have both Wafer Process and ATP at one manufacturing site for a full-turn key.

Yes! LAPIS Semiconductor is right for you!

Process service

LAPIS Semiconductor provide complete services from Wafer Process to Back Gridding (Polishing)

Process service

LAPIS Semiconductor offer flexible foundry models to meet customer's requirement: standard process, process transfer, joint development.

Please feel free to contact us .

Example of Process Transfer/Joint Development
Process Type
  • Planar gate type
  • Trench gate type
  • Super junction type
  • Planar gate type
  • Trench gate type
  • Planar gate type
  • Trench gate type
  • Conventional
  • OTP (Embedded One Time Programmable Memory)
  • Sensor : Acceleration, Pressure, Infra-red
  • Piezo actuator : Inkjet printer head, 2-axis mirror

Development experiences/records

LAPIS Semiconductor has extensive development records supported by its 20 years of experiences

Development experiences

LAPIS Semiconductor has started foundry service since 1997.
We have a variety of experiences with domestic and international customers over 20years.
We have manufactured high reliability products like automotive in pursue of high quality.
Feel free to contact us for your request.

Manufacturing system

Manufacturing system realizing stable quality

Manufacturing site

Manufacturing system

LAPIS Semiconductor have two manufacturing sites.
We can support High quality service with short cycle time to meet your request.

Development and Fabrication Sites



(BCP:Business Continuity Plan)After the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, we established a system which resumes production in a week if the same size of natural disaster happens.

Support system

Attentive services unique to Japanese manufacturers

We provide attentive services unique to Japanese manufacturers. We will answer all of your question no matter how small it is and fully support your development project.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are available wafer sizes?

LAPIS Semiconductor Miyazaki Plant fabricates 6 inch wafers and at LAPIS Semiconductor Miyagi Plant, 8-inch wafers.

Does LAPIS Semiconductor offer high reliability products like Automotive?

Yes, we have shipped automotive products and are TS certified.

Where are the manufacturing sites?

We have two manufacturing sites, both located in Japan: LAPIS Semiconductor Miyazaki Plant and LAPIS Semiconductor Miyagi Plant.

Can you develop customized process?

Yes, we can. We have a lot of experiences of jointly developed processes with customers.

Can we transfer our own process to your manufacturing site?

Yes, you can. We have a lot of experiences with process transfers.

Can we outsource partial processing to your fab?

No, we do not accept partial processing

Does LAPIS Semiconductor offer shuttle services?

Currently, No. However, if you are interested or need, please contact us.

Does LAPIS Semiconductor provide just a prototype development?

No, we do not unless mass production at our fab is planned.

What steps are required before mass production?

For the basic steps, please refer to our Services menu.

Inquiries on Foundry Service

Temporary Suspension of All Foundry Service Inquiries.