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News release 2008


November , 2008

September , 2008

  • OKI Starts Flexvoice(SM) Service, a Data Generation Service for Speech LSI using TTS Technology.(Please visit OKI web site.) (Sep. 22)

  • OKI Develops Single-chip Audio LSI with 2W-Output Class-D Speaker Amplifier and DA Converter. (Please visit OKI web site.) (Sep. 16)

  • OKI Launches LSI to Enable Longer Music Playback for Mobile Phones. (Please visit OKI web site.) (Sep. 08)

  • OKI Develops High-speed Gigabit IP Network Equipment LSI LSI.. (Please visit OKI web site.) (Sep. 01)

July , 2008

  • OKI Starts Shipping Samples of Audio CODEC LSI that is Resistant to Power Supply Noise. (Please visit OKI web site.) (Jul. 07)

June , 2008

  • OKI Develops Video Correction LSI with Built-in Frame Memory for Monitoring Cameras. (Please visit OKI web site.) (Jun. 10)

  • OKI Starts Shipping Samples of the World's Smallest Stereo Audio Codec LSI. (Please visit OKI web site.) (Jun. 02)

May , 2008

  • OKI Upgrades Software Development Kit for Fingerprint Authentication LSI. (Please visit OKI web site.) (May. 20)

  • OKI Develops Automotive Audio System LSI, the "ML673520A". (Please visit OKI web site.)  (May. 19)

March , 2008

  • OKI Starts Shipping Samples of High-quality Speech LSIs. (Please visit OKI web site.) (Mar. 25)

  • OKI Develops 8-bit Flash Microcontroller, the Lowest Power Level in the Industry.
    (Please visit OKI web site.) (Mar. 17)

January , 2008

  • OKI Develops Automotive LCD Controller LSI with Video Decoder.
    (Please visit OKI web site.) (Jan. 31)

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