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2008 News Release

November 19, 2008

Oki Semiconductor Expands its Family of Ultra Low Power 8-bit Flash Microcontrollers

- Optimized for small size LCD -

chip photo

TOKYO, November 19, 2008 -- Oki Semiconductor Co., Ltd. announces the addition of 3 new products, "ML610Q411/Q412/Q415," to its ultra low power operation 8-bit flash microcontroller (MCU) family, the "ML610Q400 series". The ML610Q400 series features extreme low power operation thanks to 1.1V flash memory and Oki Semiconductor's proprietary low-power technology enabling well tuned power-management. They include a highly efficient RISC-type CPU(*1) with precise power management functions, LCD drivers, two types of A/D converters, and on-chip debugging functions. They are best suited for handheld portable devices with LCDs such as watches, thermometers and pedometers.

The new ML610Q411/Q412/Q415 are best suited for handheld devices with small size display of less than 176 dots. They also offer operating temperatures of -40 to +85 degree C for the industrial applications such as date loggers. Sample shipments started in November 2008, and volume shipments begin in February 2009.

"With Oki Semiconductor's ultra low power, high-performance and multifunctional 8-bit flash microcontrollers, handheld device manufacturers will be able to reduce the size of their products and achieve shorter time-to-market," said Naotaka Fujita, General Manager, Low Power LSI Development Unit at Oki Semiconductor. "We will continue to expand our ultra low power 8-bit flash MCU lineup enabling its use in multitudes of applications."


• Built-in flash memory
Based on Oki Semiconductor's proprietary low-power technology, the ML610Q411/Q412/Q415 operates over a wide voltage range (from 1.1V to 3.6V) at current consumption levels equivalent to that of MCUs based on mask ROM.  The ML610Q411/Q412/Q415 simultaneously enables the use of smaller and lighter batteries because of its low power consumption and adds the advantage of flash memory's short development and time to manufacturing.
• Detailed power-management function (ML610Q411/Q412)
The ML610Q411/Q412 includes three power-management functions: HALT mode, STOP mode and dual clock function. The ML610Q411/Q412 keeps power consumption to a minimum even while the CPU is operating through the use of dual clocks.  Users can select a clock frequency of 32.768 kHz or 500 kHz.  Additionally HALT mode will suspend CPU operation entirely but maintain power to the chips peripherals and STOP mode will power down the core and the peripherals.  Low power consumption enables longer battery life and enables the use of smaller batteries, resulting in smaller and lighter devices.  Additionally the ML610Q411/Q412 includes battery management capabilities enabling notification to the end user regarding the need to change the batteries.
• Highly efficient RISC-type CPU
The ML610Q411/Q412/Q415 are based on Oki Semiconductor's nX-U8/100 RISC CPU architecture. Over the past 6 years Oki Semiconductor has shipped in excess of 50 million devices based on the nX-U8/100. The CPU offers high performance and low power because it executes most instructions in a single machine cycle with the three-stage pipeline(*2) and has a bit operation instruction, which enables high-speed access to the memory, and a multiplication/division instruction.
• LCD driver
ML610Q412 offers 176 dot (44 seg x 4 com) resolution while ML610Q411/Q415 offers 144 dot (36 seg x 4 com) resolution, both include a charge pump circuit.
• Two types of A/D converter
The ML610Q411/Q412/Q415 includes two types of A/D converters: a 24-bit RC oscillator and a 12-bit successive approximation.  The high precision ADCs allow direct connection of humidity, pressure and/or temperature sensors.

• Built-in RC oscillator operation (ML610Q415)
The ML610Q415 can operate only with built-in RC oscillator and does not require crystal oscillator, which enables smaller devices.

• On-chip debugging
The ML610Q400 series includes on-chip debugging via Oki Semiconductor's USB based emulator (product name: µEASE). It enables users to debug software programs and erase or write them into the flash memory.


*1 :RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) -type CPU:
This is a high-speed processor using reduced instruction sets. However, Oki Semiconductor's proprietary CPU, "nx-U8/100" has 58 instructions including bit operation and multiplication/division instructions.

*2 :pipeline
This enables parallel instruction execution by dividing execution units (fetch, decode and execute) and operating them individually.

[Reference] Sales plan and characteristics for ML610Q411/Q412/Q415

Sales plan

• Product name:ML610Q411, ML610Q412, ML610Q415
• Sample shipment: November 2008
• Shipment of software development tool (on-chip debugging emulator: µEASE): November 2008
• Volume shipment: February 2009

Major characteristics

• Operating voltage : 1.1 V - 3.6 V
• Power consumption (Typ.) : 0.15μA (STOP mode), 0.5μA(HALT mode),
                                        1μA (32.768kHz crystal oscillator/10% CPU operation),
                                        82μA(built-in RC oscillator 500kHz),
                                        400μA (built-in RC oscillator/ with A/D converter operation)
• Operating frequency : 
                      ML610Q411/Q412: 32.768 kHz (crystal), 500 kHz (RC), 
                      ML610Q415: 62.5kHz (RC), 500kHz (RC)
• Memory :  ROM 8 KW (Flash memory), RAM 1 KB
• LCD driver : 
                      ML610Q412:        176 dot (44 seg x 4 com)
                      ML610Q411/Q415:  144 dot (36 seg x 4 com)
• A/D converter : 24-bit RC oscillator type x 2ch, 12-bit successive approximation type x 2ch
• Timers :  8-bit timer, watch dog timer, time-base counter, etc.
• Other features : Detect battery level, PWM, buzzer, clock output
• Package : Chip, 120pin TQFP (TQFP120-P-1414-0.40-K)

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