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OLED Driver

OLED Driver

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Passive (Segment/Dot matrix)

Please contact us about this product,
   because Passive driver needs customization. 


Active (Dot matrix)

Please contact us about this product,
   because Active driver needs customization. 



OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) applies electro-luminescence(EL) phenomenon which is the light emission by flowing electric current into EL element.

LAPIS realize the wide lineup of OLED drivers. These cover both the passive type and active type driving.

Please contact us about this product, because OLED driver needs customization.


High accuracy constant current circuit prevents color variations

OLEDs operate by generating light when current flows through the electroluminescent element. The intensity of emitted light is proportional to the current.

Display quality is greatly affected by the current variation at the driver output. LAPIS Semiconductor's drivers utilize a constant current circuit with a deviation of ±1% between adjacent outputs.

Extensive automotive experience

Taking advantage of the large number of experience , it has been accumulating technology to achieve high visibility even under high speed conditions.

Rich automotive sales performance is high reliability of the testimony.



Our OLED driver has been adopted a variety of applications display panel such as Mobile equipment,consumer electronics, Automotive Display system, Industrial equipment.
We will continue to meet virtually any needs with a variety of technology,EMS(magnetic noise) resistance improvement, temperature assurance technology, high-quality by iys iwn integrated manufacture,High precision stable current drive circuit, Power sequence free etc.

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