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Product line up

Product Name

Structure of Product Name

Product names are assigned to our semiconductor devices using the following convention,
starting with the character "M".

Device function

The device functions are classified as follows:

  • MG:Gate Array, Standard Cell
  • ML:Logic
  • MK:Module, Chip Set
  • MT:Driver
Device code

The device code expresses a function specific to a device using a combination of numbers and alphanumeric characters.

Character symbol

The character symbol is added to indicate the modification of an existing product, to emphasize a specification that differs from the standard specification of an existing product, or to indicate a design standard.

Derived code

The device code indicates the speed ranking for DRAM products and is used as a derived code for logic products.

Package symbol

The package symbol expresses the type and lead bending profile of a package in two digits.

Option classification symbol

The option classification symbol is used to distinguish between the option symbol and the package symbol.

Option code

The option code indicates a symbol that identifies the specification of a product with an option.

Product Name of Conventional Product

The following shows the convention of item name assignment for conventional products.

Indicates the process classification
  • A:Analog
  • C:Bi-CMOS,multi-chip product
  • L:Bipolar logic
  • M:MOS
Indicates the circuit category
Indicates the package profile