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Bluetooth® Low Energy Compatible Wireless Communication LSI
Cuts Current Consumption By Half

2013 News Release

Sep 25, 2013

Bluetooth® v4.0 Low Energy Compatible Wireless Communication LSI Featuring the Industry’s Lowest Current Consumption

mproves on our industry-leading power consumption, doubling the battery life with coin cell batteries

LAPIS Semiconductor has recently announced the development of the ML7105-00x 2.4GHz wireless communication LSI series compatible with Bluetooth® v4.0 Low Energy, designed for sports and health & fitness equipment. Average current is reduced by about 50% (9.8mA Tx/8.9mA Rx), significantly improving battery life compared to our existing industry-leading model (ML7105) released last year.

In recent years, a growing number of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablet PCs, and laptop computers, are adopting the Bluetooth® Low Energy standard in addition to conventional Bluetooth®, due to increased energy savings – which play a vital role in battery life. Many of the major mobile terminal OS developers have announced their official support, along with manufacturers of smart watches, health and fitness equipment, and other devices that are designed to communicate with a smartphone or tablet PC.

The ML7105-00x series reduces average current by 50% while maintaining active state low current consumption. Average current is defined as the average current value during active mode, when packet transmission/reception is repeated at regular intervals (large current consumption), and sleep mode (low current consumption). By significantly reducing the time required for state transition, it was possible to double the battery life as well as reduce the average current by half. This allows coin cell batteries (CR2032) used in Bluetooth® Low Energy compliant equipment to last more than two years, even when operating 24 hours a day.

To complement product support, LAPIS Semiconductor has launched a technical support page for its wireless communication LSIs (https://www.lapis-semi.com/cgi-bin/MyLAPIS/regi/login.cgi), where users can access the latest datasheets and manuals, along with reference board circuit diagrams and source code for sample applications. LAPIS Semiconductor also offers evaluation kits (with included source code - please inquire).

Key Features

  • Bluetooth® SIG *1 Core Spec v4.0 compliant
  • Built-in low power consumption RF block
  • Integrated general-purpose Cortex-M0 processor
  • 64kByte ROM for program storage (CODE_ROM)
  • 16kByte RAM for data storage (DATA_RAM)
  • 12kByte for user program storage (CODE_RAM)
  • Internal baseband controller supports Bluetooth® LE single mode
  • UART included for Bluetooth® Host Controller Interface
  • SPI_SLAVE for Custom Host Controller Interface
  • EEPROM or I2 C (Master & Slave) for Custom Host Controller Interface
  • GPIO
  • Supports Low Power Clock (32.768kHz) for intermittent transmission / reception
  • Built-in regulator
  • Supply Voltage   3.3V Typ. (1.6 to 3.6V)
  • Power Consumption   Sleep : 0.7uA , At transmission : 10mA or less ,
    At reception : 10mA or less
  • Package   32pin QFN (5.0mm × 5.0mm × 0.8mm)


  • *1 : Bluetooth® SIG
    • Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG), Inc., founded in 1998, is a trade association that develops Bluetooth® standards and licenses Bluetooth® technologies and trademarks.


  • Smart watches, health/medical devices (i.e. heart rate meters, thermometers, blood glucose meters), sports & fitness equipment (running machines, etc.), remote controllers, mice, smart keys

Note : This LSI series has been adopted in the newest model of the G-SHOCK BLUETOOTH WATCH (GB-6900B/GB-X6900B) manufactured by CASIO COMPUTER CO.,LTD. Our LSIs provides a low power consumption mobile link between the G-SHOCK and smartphones/tablet PCs – while maintaing superior functionality.

Sales Plan

  • Part No.
    • ML7105-00x
  • Sample Shipment
    • Already started
  • Sample Price
    • 500 yen (tax not included)
  • Mass Production
    • From July 2013


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