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High Reliability 64Mbit SDRAM Equipped with Output Drivability Adjustment Function

2012 News Release

May 23, 2012

The Industry’s First High Reliability 64Mbit SDRAM Equipped with Output Drivability Adjustment Function

Adjustable Output Drivability Function reduces radiant noise and system costs

LAPIS Semiconductor, a ROHM Group company, has announced the development of 64Mbit SDRAM equipped with an output drivability adjustment function. The optimized design is ideal for applications that demand high reliability, such as automotive and industrial systems, and contributes to improved system quality and lower costs.

As more DRAM manufacturers focus on producing high-capacity, high-speed DRAM such as DDR2 and DDR3, the supply of low to intermediate capacity DRAM (legacy DRAM) is decreasing at a significant rate, and may lead to shortages. In response to this LAPIS Semiconductor has developed the MD56V62160M to meet the continuing need for low capacity, cost-effective DRAM.

Radiant noise – typically generated during vehicle operation – often adversely affects the performance of high-frequency circuits and devices (above 800MHz), making reducing or eliminating this noise essential to improving system quality. In order to minimize the effects of radiant noise during SDRAM operation and increase the quality of Read data output waveforms based on impedance matching, a new output drivability adjustment function is integrated that can adjust the current drive capability during Read data output operation via mode set register settings (or existing SDRAM controller). This optimizes current drive capability and eliminates the need for noise countermeasures or damping resistors. The current drive capacity specifications can also be customized to fit application requirements before shipment (optional).


*LAPIS Semiconductor May 9 survey

  In addition, to meet the high reliability requirements for soldered joints in automotive circuits, copper lead frames are used, featuring a thermal expansion coefficient closer to that of the board compared with conventional 42-alloy lead frames, significantly improving solder joint reliability and resistance against thermal shock. Tin whisker occurrences during solder plating are also minimized.

LAPIS Semiconductor will continue to offer a long-term, stable supply of high-reliability SDRAM products while expanding its lineup to include 128Mbit SDRAM, 256Mbit SDRAM/DDR1, and 512Mbit SDRAM/DDR2.

Key Features

  • Output drivability adjustment function
    • Adjustable among 3 levels via mode register settings. A fourth level of drivability can be preset at the factory. Reduces radiant noise and eliminates the need for noise countermeasures.
  • Copper lead frame
    • The copper lead frame improves solder joint reliability compared with the traditional 42-alloy lead frames, meeting automotive requirements.
  • Automotive-grade
    • LAPIS Semiconductor DRAM products meet automotive specifications for quality. Customized test processes are also offered to fit user requirements.
  • Chip sales planned based on guaranteed KGD (Known Good Die)
    • The same quality as packaged products is guaranteed at the wafer level. The testing process can also be adapted to fit customer requests and ensure a high level of quality.

Sales Plan

  • Part No.
    • MD56V62160M
  • Packaging
    • Tray 1080 units
  • Samples
    • Available
  • Sample Price
    • 250 yen (tax not included)
  • Mass Production
    • April 2012


  • Specifications
    • Compliant with JEDEC standards
  • Memory Configuration
    • 4 banks × 1,048,576 words × 16 bits
  • Address Size
    • 4,096 rows x 256 columns
  • Operating Frequency
    • 166MHz (max.)
  • Interface
    • LVTTL-compatible
  • Function
    • General-purpose SDRAM command interface
  • Power Supply Voltage
    • 3.3V±0.3V
  • Operating Temp. Range
    • -40°C to +85°C
  • Refresh
    • 4,096 times/64msec (auto-refresh)
    • Self-refresh
  • Supply Current (typ.)
    • Operation 120mA (166MHz)
    • Standby 50mA (active standby)
    • Power Down 3mA
  • Package
    • 54-pin TSOP
    • Copper lead frame, RoHS compliant, lead-free, halogen-free


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