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43 Gbit/s Modulated Laser with 1.3 μm Wavelength Band

2010 News Release

April 5, 2010

Oki Semiconductor develops a 43 Gbit/s modulated laser with 1.3 μm wavelength band

43 Gbit/s serial transmission enables 10 km transmission distance


Oki Semiconductor has developed its new EML(*1) product “OL3191M” with 1.3 μm wavelength band to enable 43 Gbit/s serial transmission up to 10 km, and will start sample shipment from June 2010. Product launch is scheduled to take place in October 2010.

Creation of a high-capacity network is required due to factors such as the rapid increase in video traffic over internet, and 10 Gbit/s optical transmission interfaces are continuously being replaced with the much faster 40 Gbit/s optical transmission interfaces. Already releasing its EML “OL5191M” with 1.55 μm wavelength band compliant with XLMD-MSA(*2) for 40 Gbit/s communication in May 2009, Oki Semiconductor has newly developed an EML “OL3191M” with 1.3 μm wavelength band. Where transmission range remained to be around 2 km when using EML with 1.55 μm wavelength band, the newly developed OL3191M made it possible to obtain a good waveform even after 10 km transmission, since in the 1.3 μm wavelength band, influence of chromatic dispersion in the optical fiber is low. As the newly developed EML with 1.3 μm range and the driver IC of our original high-speed InP HEMT(*3) are mounted together in the same package for OL3191M, it will be possible to reduce number of components and to minimize the size.

Oki Semiconductor will keep providing high-performance, high-quality optical components in the growing market of 40 Gbit/s optical communication, by utilizing the advantages of our devices, such as high speed and low power consumption.

Sales Plan

Sample price:
600,000 yen (excluding tax)
Sample shipment:
June 2010
Product launch:
October 2010

Major Features

  1. 1.3 μm wavelength
  2. XLMD-MSA compliance
  3. High-speed operation: 43 Gbit/s operation


(*1) EML (Electro-Absorption Modulated Laser):
An optical semiconductor-device where an electro-absorption modulator and a laser diode to become the light source are integrated
(*2) XLMD-MSA:
The Multi Source Agreement for the transmission/reception modules in 40 Gbit/s optical communication
(*3) InP HEMT:
A compound semiconductor device using InP compounds for the semiconductor substrate and two-dimensional electron gas layer for its channel, being superior in its high speed and high voltage characteristics

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