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New product information & topic   Year 2011

New product information & topic Year 2011

Year 2011


LAPIS Semiconductor starts sample shipment of wireless communication LSI
best suited for smart meters
Highest performance of wireless communication in the industry contributes to stable,
high-quality wireless communication network  >>


New pages on Speech Synthesis LSI: 
Test Play of Speech Samples  >>
Basic Knowledge of Speech Data  >>


New page: Wireless Communication LSIs (Specified Low Power Radio Station)
ML7386, 400MHz transmission only LSI  >>
ML7396, 950MHz transmission and reception LSI  >>


LAPIS Semiconductor's Low-Power Microcontrollers Featrue RC Analog-to Digital Converters
Release [pdf]  >>
More details  >>


OKI Semiconductor, the first in the industry, starts sample shipment of
power supply control LSI, which automatically controls dual power supplies
by solar panel and coin cell
Lowest power consumption in the industry, simple design, reduced development time,
and improved battery life  >>


OKI Semiconductor refurbishes full-featured emulator for low power microcontroller
Realized miniaturization while enhancing the real-time monitoring functions  >>


OKI Semiconductor starts high volume production of a 2 diversity reception
compliant LSI “ML7137” for digital terrestrial broadcasting
Realization of high-sensitivity, high-quality picture and low power consumption  >>


New page:The ML8540WD is a medium-resolution (approximately 2,000 pixels)
infrared image sensor.


32Kbit to 256Kbit FeRAM developed in the ferroelectric process and silicon-gate CMOS technology, rewriting up to a trillion times.


New page: ML26700, standard 4-wired resistor type touch panel controller including
SAR 12 bit A/D converter.  >>


New page on Video LSI:ML511003, the graphic display controller of high-speed
drawing of 60fps, designed for onboard devices with LCD.


New builit-in segment LCD driver type ultra low power 8-bit microcontroller:
ML610(Q)40x  >>


New built-in dot matrix LCD driver type ultra low power 8-bit microcontroller:
ML610Q428(P)/ML610Q429(P)  >>
ML610Q438(P)/ML610Q439(P)   >>


Newly added: FAQ on Security LSI.


Newly added: FAQ on P2ROM™.  >>

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