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2-channel mixing speech synthesis LSI with built-in 2M/4Mbit Flash/Mask ROM



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The ML22Q563/ML2256x Series is a high-quality speech synthesis LSI with built-in Flash/Mask ROM. The LSI, which includes an high-quality HQ-ADPCM decoder, 16-bit DAC, a low-pass filter, and a monaural speaker amplifier, incorporates the peripheral components necessary for speech output in a single chip. The LSI is provided with a variety of functions including 2-channel simultaneous playback, and edited playback.
Moreover, since FlashROM is built-in ML22Q563, speech data can be rewritten for any number of times during a development cycle. Since writing on board which can perform an audition and a tone-quality evaluation is possible, the development cycle of a set can be shortened.
By using the development tool of the LAPIS Semiconductor corresponding to all the products, an audition and a tone-quality evaluation can be performed. Furthermore, by connecting with the exclusive writer of this product, on board writing the speech data to the customer's substrate can easily performed.

Playback time (second)

(HQ-ADPCM method)
Part number Memory type ROM capacity
Maximum playback time (s)
fs=8.0k fs=16.0k fs=32.0k
ML22Q563 Flash 4M 161 80 40
ML22563 Mask
ML22562 2M 79 39 19


  • Built-in high-quality decoder (HQ-ADPCM)
  • Built-in speaker amplifier (1.0W/5V using 8Ωspeaker)
  • Development is supported with an evaluation board and an exclusive programmer for ML22Q573
  • 2-channel mixing function enabling simultaneous playback
  • Built-in external analog mixing function
  • Power-supply-voltage detection
  • Line-up of 3 products (with the capacities of 2M and 4M bits)




*1: Longest playback time when the sampling frequency is 6.4kHz in HQ-ADPCM.
Parameter Specification
Part number ML22562 ML22563 ML22Q563
ROM type Mask Mask Flash
CPU interface Serial
ROM size (bit) 2M 4M
Maximum playback time (sec) 98(*1) 201(*1)
Operating power supply voltage +2.7V to +5.5V
Operating frequency 4.096MHz
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
Built-in speaker driver amplifier 1.0W (8Ω, at 5V)
Number of mixing (Internal) 2ch
D/A converter 16bit
Maximum number of phrases 1024 phrases
Speech synthesis method HQ-ADPCM
8-bit nonlinear PCM
8-bit PCM, 16bit PCM
(Can be specified for each phrase)
Sampling frequency
6.4kHz, 8.0kHz, 12.0kHz, 12.8kHz, 16.0kHz, 24.0kHz,
25.6kHz, 32.0kHz, 48.0kHz
(Can be specified for each phrase)
Package 30pin plastic SSOP
(2-direction lead type 0.65 mm lead pitch)

HQ-ADPCM is a high sound quality audio compression technology of "Ky's".
"Ky's" is a registered trademark of National University Corporate Kyushu Institute of Technology.

Block Diagram





Application Circuit

At using internal speaker amplifier (speaker output) ( VDDR is only ML22Q563 )


At using external speaker amplifier (line output) ( VDDR is only ML22Q563 )