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Social Contribution activity

Kiyotake River Cleanup Activity carried out during Environment month.

Cleanup activity took place on June 8th, 2003 with theme of "Bring back our clean river&quot.

Kiyotake river CleanupKiyotake river Cleanup

Participation of Kiyotake river cleanup activities sponsored by NPO

Participated in the environmental volunteer activities sponsored by NPO"Kiyotake sato Ha-tomu" on March27th 2004.

Kiyotake river Cleanup sponsored by NPOKiyotake river Cleanup sponsored by NPO

Cleaned up road around the company (Picking up garbage) with cooperation of more than 100 employees and vender's volunteers on Sep 3rd, 2004.

Cleanup activities around companyCleanup activities around company

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Working experience (Internship) was carried out for the local Jr.high school students and high school students.

During program and plant tour, efforts toward environmental preservation were introduced for deepen interest in the environmental load reduction activities.

Environmental education in working experienceEnvironmental education in working experience

Good Manners Project

Decided to participate GMP"Community contribution service in cooperation with local government".

Participates Community contribution service (Joint participation of local government and company) which is proposed by a company called "Haruka Family".
"Haruka Family" is a company to provide goods for improving the manner of dog-lover (paper scoop for dog dirt).

Explanation of a good manners project

A bio-type waste disposer was introduced in Sep 2003, and cafeteria's leftover meals which had been disposed as industrial waste were started to be disposed within company. Leftovers are mixed with Uchishiro bacteria and rice bran and it turns into soil conditioners by thermophilic fermentation, decomposition, and drying process. This soil conditioners are distributed to employees, etc., and is effectively used as resources.

Till the leftover meals is rebeared to soil improvement agent

1.                 Note: Uchishiro Bacteria is a thermoduric bacteria which is started to have more credits as powerfully promote reusing leftover disposals (Recycling).

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Oki no sato Sports Facility Soccer Field were offered as JA Keizairen Cup YouthU-15 Soccer Championship Site.

The semifinal and the final of JA Keizairen cup UMK youth (U-15) were held in Oki no Sato Sports Facility (Soccer field) on Sep 4th,2004. Although it was bad weather, the championship was so excited by the impression from player's best play. Received many voices of joy and gratitude from the people relating to this championship.

JA keizairen Cup YouthU-15 Soccer Championship

The First boys soccer championship U-10 2004 was held.

The soccer championship for 10 or less -year-old children were held in Oki no sato Sports facility on Nov 6th, 2004. 12 teams from Kiyotake town and Miyazaki city participated and exciting games were performed on the green field.

OKI cup boys Soccer Championship U-10Winning team : Tunehisa Junior Soccer Club

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