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Video LSI

Video Decoder,Video Encoder,Display Controllers,Video interface,Evaluation Board

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Oki Semiconductor starts high volume production of ultra-compact and low-power-consumption video encoders for portable audio devices

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Video LSIupdate 2019/07/05

The video decoders are LSIs that convert analog video signal into digital data.
They are applicable to NTSC / PAL / SECAM of the world major formats and ideal for the worldwide video devices.

The video encoders are LSIs that convert digital data into analog video signal.
They are applicable to NTSC / PAL of the world major formats and ideal for the worldwide video devices.

The Video interface LSI converts Analog / LVDS / MIPI signal to SoC input/output format.
It enables to easily connect between SoC and other blocks.

These display controller LSIs are designed for small- to medium-sized LCDs. They support both analog and digital input, scale images to match display size, adjust video for optimum viewing. In addition, a timing controller is built in for direct connection with a variety of LCDs.
Display Controller Additional features include on-screen display, built-in frame memory, and more.


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