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Wireless certification acquired for various countries,
Adjusted circuit with built-in pattern antenna.

Ready to use. You can start an application software development of Bluetooth®Low Energy v4.0 immediately.

Radio Law certified

The module is certified to comply with all applicable radio laws and regulations in Japan, North America, and Europe.

Radio frequency design
not required

All Radio frequency designs are unnecessary for customers, because an optimized antenna design has been implemented.

Optimized wireless

The EEPROM, crystal oscillator, and antenna matching circuit required for configuring a wireless communication module are included as well. And all required performance optimizations are performed at LAPIS Semiconductor’s facility.

Feature of MK71050-03

Bluetooth® Low Energy v4.0
Low power consumption on transmit and receive 9mA(Typ.),
Compact size

MK71050-03 is a SiP(System In Package) module which has a Bluetooth® Low Low Energy v4.0 supported LSI "ML7105-002", EEPROM, crystal oscillator for system clock and pattern antenna.

Not required for an antenna design , matching circuit and crystal oscillator. Various certifications have been finished. This is a Bluetooth® SMART module to be easily handled.

Bluetooth®SIG Core Spec v4.0 certification has been acquired.

Wireless certification acquired for various countries

  • Radio Law (Japan)
  • FCC 15.212 modular certification (US)
  • EN300 328 (Europe)

Low power consumption

  • 0.8uA  (Sleep)
  • Typ. 9mA  (Transmit)
  • Typ. 9mA  (Receive)

Built-in EEPROM
for User data area

Max. 16k byte

Built-in UART for Bluetooth® Host Controller Interface

Built-in SPI_SLAVE for Custom Host Controller Interface

Support an intermittent transmission

reception and Low Power Clock (32.768kHz)

Built-in regulator

SiP(System in Package)

10.7mm × 13.6mm × 1.78mm

Evaluation kits/Trial tools

Evaluation kits / control application software(BLE tool) for smartphone.
And available trial tool for Arduino / control application software for smartphone.

Available online from one piece!Purchase here.


Bluetooth® SMART control application software for smartphone
Language : English   Free
Available evaluation kit:MK71050-03 USB-EK
※BLE-Shield type needs Android application software "BLE Shield" on a   Support site.

The BLE Tool provides an easy control for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device.
Supported standard BLE profiles and services are HRP(Heart Rate),

HTP(Health Thermometer), BLP(Blood Pressure), GLP(Glucose),

BAS(Battery) and DIS(Device Information).

※The BLE tool needs U8 debugger  uEASE hich is selling separately.


Item Specification
Part No. MK71050-03
Supply voltage (V) 1.8 to 3.6
Operating temperature(°C) -20 to +70
Host CPU interface Synchronous serial or UART
Support standard Bluetooth® Core Spec v4.0 (Single mode)
Dimension 10.7mm × 13.6mm × 1.78mm
Package 52pin LGA
Frequency band 2.4GHz ISM Band
Transmission output 0/-6/-12/-18dBm
Reception sensitivity -86dBm

Bluetooth certification
US:FCC Part15 SubpartC
EU:EN300 328