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Lithium-ion battery monitoring LSI

Stand-alone type,Analog front end type,Evaluation Board

The Best Choice for Your Next Application Development.

LAPIS Semiconductor develops solutions that can use efficiently, safely and comfortably lithium-ion batteries by incorporating digital / analog mixed process of 80V and low power consumption technology.

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NEWNew Productsupdate 2017/05/30

Lithium-ion battery monitoring LSIupdate 2019/07/05

The stand-alone type battery monitoring LSI protects battery packs without external microcontroller. There are some additional types that can measure each cell voltage and current by combined microcontroller.

The analog front end type battery monitoring LSI measures cell voltage, current and temperature with high accuracy. And external microcontroller controls this LSI to protects the battery pack.
And it has protection functions which protects battery packs against short current and overvoltage without a microcontroller.

Gate Driver for Battery Management System update 2019/07/05

Non-insulated Gate Driver for Battery Management System (BMS)



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