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Display Driver


The Best Choice for Your Next Application Development.

Our display drivers have been adopted in a wide range of applications, from large-screen TVs, PC monitors, and laptop PCs to electronic dictionaries/calculators, instrument displays in automotive systems, and industrial equipment. A broad lineup is offered to meet virtually any need, including large and small TFT-LCDs, vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs), and organic electroluminescence displays (OLEDs).

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Non-emissiveupdate 2019/04/11

Our display drivers have been adopted in a wide range of applications, from large screen TVs,PC monitor,Note PC, Tablet, instrument displays in automotive systems ,and industrial equipment.
Please contact us for more information on customization because this product is often customizes.

Our TN/STN LCD Driver have been adopted in a variety of applications such as automotive systems & AV equipment.
These drivers have excellent features such as high reliability & EMS-resistance.

Emissiveupdate 2016/08/30

VFDs, developed based on vacuum tube technology, provide a couple of advantages, including excellent visibility by self-luminous, and are being adopted in an increasing number of devices, from audio equipment to home appliances.
VFD drivers are available for a segment type display, character type display and dot matrix type display. These drivers are applied to the anode/grid driver and the controller driver.

We support not only passive driving type but also active driving type of OLED Drivers.


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Technical Informationupdate 2016/06/30

TFT Liquid Crystal Display

TFT LCD is an abbreviation for Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display . It is a kind of the liquid crystal display with thin film transistors.


TN is an abbreviation for Twisted Nematic. Nematic liquid crystal are sealed between two glass substrates, and the angle of liquid crystal molecule between two substrates surface are arranged 90 degrees.


STN is an abbreviation for Super Twisted Nematic. It is a kind of Nematic liquid crystal having a 270 degrees twisted angle.


VFD is an abbreviation for Vacuum Fluorescent Display.
It has a good features such as high luminance, high contrast ratio and wide range operation temperature.


OLED is an abbreviation for Organic Light Emitting Diode. It applies electroluminescence phenomenon. It has good features such as thin & light, low power, high response and high contrast.

Dynamic driving system

Grids are isolated from each digit, and the anodes are connected to the related segments. One digit is selected by grid scanning signal, and the anode signal is applied to the segments synchronized with grid scanning signal.

Static driving system

The anodes are connected to the segments one by one Bias voltage is constantly applied to the grid. And the voltage is applied to the anode when the light emission want to be obtained from the related segment.

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