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eBook,PDF, Download

eBook,PDF Download

Digital Catalog Download

This short form catalog contains a list of ICs, discrete and optical semiconductors, electronic components, and modules manufactured and sold by ROHM.

*The product which has no mentioning as "LAPIS Semiconductor products" in this catalog is a ROHM product.
Please refer to  ROHM Web site about ROHM products.

Other documents (datasheet)  is here.
Other documents (obsolete product catalog)  is here.

  • 【eBook】Short Form Catalog

  • 【PDF】Short Form Catalog


【eBook】2019 Edition Short Form Catalog


eBook Operation help

  1   How to turn the page
  • Can turn the pages by clicking on the edge
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  • Can turn the page by dragging the edges
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  • Can turn the page by page turn button on the right.
  • Can turn the page by slider thumb slide.
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Label tool

Label tool
  • Can Paste labels to on the page. Can be input to text on labels pasted.
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Pen tool

  • Use the mouse to draw lines freely on the page.
    Written line is being viewed on your PC will be restored when the next viewing.


  • Can be print the page you are viewing
  • Can be print including written pen and labels.
  4   PDF
  • Open the PDF file.
  5   Index

Visual index

Visual index
  • List the page image.

Text index

Text index
  • Displays the contents
    of the text index.

Text search

Text search
  • Can be find in the Book when enter any keyword.

Label index

Label index
  • Be browsing a List that label Paste on this book.
  • Can also enter keywords to search for a label.

【PDF】2018 Edition Short Form Catalog

 Download all contents
(2019 Edition    14.822KB)

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