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LAPIS Semiconductor
Low Power 8bit Microcontroller with Audio Playback Function
Industry-leading Low Power 8bit MCU+Voice Synthesis+Speaker Amp
ML610Q340 series
The ML610Q340 series of 8bit microcontrollers feature 0.5µA current consumption during clock OFF and high quality voice synthesis functionality developed from 25 years as the leader in lower power technology. In addition, a 1.0W speaker amp, LED driver, and general-purpose ports for peripheral circuitry are built in, enabling configuration of an audio playback system using only the IC. 0.5µA current consumption during clock OFF and 5µA during normal operation (at 32kHz) make them suitable for battery-driven products and contribute to eco friendlier devices.
Fire alarms, security systems, voice guidance, musical instruments, toys with audio functionality, and other portable, battery-driven audio playback devices

Low Power 8bit Flash Microcontroller
Industry's lowest power (1.1V) Flash microcontroller
ML610Q400 series
The ML61Q400 series of 8bit microcontrollers are capable of operation from 1.1V - the lowest in the industry. Current consumption during clock OFF also is an industry-leading 0.5µA, while a 3-stage pipeline architecture enables performance equivalent to a conventional 16bit microcontroller. In addition, direct connection to the LCD panel is possible, allowing configuration of a low-cost system utilizing only the microcontroller. In short, the world's lowest current consumption (0.5µA during clock OFF, 5µA during 32kHz operation), combined with ultra-low voltage compatibility (from 1.1A), maximize efficiency for longer battery life, even in single-battery systems.
Watches, healthcare equipment (i.e. pedometer, thermometer), hygrometers, temperature-related products, electronic product displays, and other portable, battery-driven LCD-equipped devices
Specialized Low Power Wireless Communication IC
Ultra-low Power Consumption Wireless System Specialized Low Power Wireless Communication IC
The ML7066 is a low power communication IC that integrates RF, IF, and modem blocks along with a host interface on a single chip and is compliant with both ARIB STD-T67 (low power radio standard) and RCR STD-30 (low power radio security standard). Additional features include data reception notification, intermittent receive, carrier detection, and collision detection functions, facilitating CPU control while lightening load, contributing to lower systemwide power consumption.
Telemeters/telecontrollers, security systems, alarms, building monitoring equipment, wireless remote control devices, and other sets with wireless communication functionality.