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  1. User Registration : Member Registration
    Customers wishing to use LAPIS Technology Support Page Web site (hereinafter referred to as "Web Site") must register using the User Registration Form. Memberships are processed using a prescribed procedure. After all steps are completed, an email notification confirming registration completion will be sent by which User Registration is deemed to be completed. However, please be advised that LAPIS Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "LAPIS Technology") may at any time discontinue membership at its sole discretion for objectionable behavior (i.e. making false statements/representation).
  2. Registration Changes.
    We ask that customers who registered for membership (hereinafter referred to as "Member(s)" ) notify us regarding any changes to Member information as soon as possible. LAPIS Technology cannot be held responsible for damages arising from incorrect or dated information.
  3. Unsubscribe
    Please follow LAPIS Technology's prescribed procedures in order to unsubscribe. Once all of the steps have been completed, an email notification will be sent confirming termination of the Member's account.
  4. Membership Disqualification
    Membership may be terminated without prior notice based on the following transgressions, prohibiting access to the Web Site and its contents.
    • - Entering false/erroneous information or omitting information during registration.
    • - Not being able to receive emails at the registered address.
    • - Illegal use of the ID and/or password.
    • - Violating other terms of use or committing actions deemed unsuitable by LAPIS Technology.
  5. ID and Password Control
    Member shall agree that LAPIS Technology may identify each of Members by requesting their own IDs and passwords and Members shall not disclose or provide their own IDs and passwords to any third party. Members also shall agree that a usage of particular ID and password is deemed to be the usage by the Member who has the proper right to use the ID and password. Each Member is responsible for the strict control and safeguarding of their ID and password. LAPIS Technology shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from or in connection with inadequate holding / wrong usage of ID and password, or usage of ID and password by third party, etc.
  6. Web Site Changes and Revisions
    LAPIS Technology reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to change, modify, suspend, abolish, or etc the contents or Agreement (including Software License Agreements) of the Web Site, in whole or in part, including the terms of use, without prior notice. The relevant contents will become effective once posted on the Web Site or specified by LAPIS Technology, and thereafter considered to be approved by the Member through the use of their ID and password to access the Web Site.
  7. Privacy Policy

    • LAPIS Technology may use Members’private information (that can be easily verified with other data, by which particular individual will be identified) in accordance with its Privacy Policy prescribed in the other part of the Web Site.
      LAPIS Technology will use Members’private information for the following purpose.
      • - To reply Members' inquires.
      • - To introduce our suitable products or provide useful information for Member.
      • - To research and analyze for improvement of our products and services.
    • In addition, LAPIS Technology may provide Members' private information, in order to achieve above-mentioned purposes, for ROHM Group Company, distributors of ROHM Group Company and proper dealers.