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Optical Sensors

Transmission Type Photointerrupters, Reflective Type Photosensors, Infrared Light Emitting Diodes, Photo Diode, Phototransistors, 4 Direction Detector



Optical switches which detect existence/absence of opject(s) by intercepting of light, suitable for various applications like sensing of position or spped of rotation, etc.

This is the type for judging existence or absence of an object by detecting the reflection from such object with casted light.

ROHM photodiodes have been used compact ccurate instrument. Surface mount type side view packages and top view packges are available.

High reliability/sensitivity photo-transistor to be used with infrared LED in pairs popularly used in compact precision instruments.

This is a surface-mount optical type 4-directional sensor based on the new concept ”Optical” solution. This device get less influences from vibration than the mechanical type device and is also free from magnetic influence unlike the magnetic type device: so that this device detects up/down in four directions accurately.

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