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LVDS Interface ICs, Sub-LVDS Interface ICs, IrDA Controllers, GPIO, Timing Controllers, Car Access, Isolators, Transceiver



ROHM LVDS interface IC lineup includes serializers and deserializers in a range of operating frequencies (8-150MHz) and transmission bit counts (35-70bits) for broad compatibility. High-speed serial transmission - up to 7x faster - helps to reduce the number of cables to 1/3rd or less, providing a low swing mode that is expected to achieve lower EMI. In addition, a 250MHz 4bit LVDS driver/receiver is available for a range of applications, from digital consumer equipment such as LCD TVs to multifunction printers and other office equipment, along with measurement and medical devices.

Differential serial interface connecting mobile phone LCD modules to the host CPU
Unique technology isutilized for lower power consumption and EMI. MSDL minimizes the number of wires required - an important considerationin hinge phones - resulting in greater reliability and design flexibility.

ROHM IrDA controllers enable easy IrDA communication by simply mounting in existing sets. Ideal for exchanging data between different applications.

  • IrDA Controllers

IrDA Controllers



ROHM GPIO expander series are useful especially for the application that is in short of IO ports.

ROHM LCD timing controllers are image ICs optimized for LCD TVs and panels.

It is the optimal IC for wireless systems, such as a key-less system.

  • Car Access

Car Access



  • Transceiver


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