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New product information & topic   Year 2011

New product information & topic Year 2011

Year 2011


LAPIS Semiconductor starts sample shipment of wireless communication LSI
best suited for smart meters
Highest performance of wireless communication in the industry contributes to stable,
high-quality wireless communication network  >>


OKI SEMICONDUCTOR 已全面更新低功耗微電子整流器之全功能仿真器
加強即時監控功能,同時實現小型  >>


OKI SEMICONDUCTOR开始批量生产便携式音响用超小型低功耗视频编码器
功耗降低50%(与本公司原来产品相比)  >>


OKI SEMICONDUCTOR已開始量產針對 行動音聲裝置設計之超小型低功耗影像編碼器
~實現世界最小尺寸(根據本公司調查),降低50%耗電量(與市場現行產品相比)~  >>

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