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Power Management

Isolated Converters (AC/DC, DC/DC), Gate Drivers, Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs), Linear Regulators, Switching Regulators, Switching Regulators (Power Management IC for System), Power Management Switch ICs, LED Drivers, Earth Leakage Detector ICs, Battery Management



ROHM voltage detector IC series are reset IC with highly accurate detection voltage of ±1% , low current consumption, small thin packages and wide range of detection voltage. They can be used for every kind of application equipped with controllers such as micro controllers, CPU or DSP. In the ROHM voltage detector IC series, both CMOS and open drain output are available, therefore output of reset signal can be selected for connected power supply. Default SSOP packages are pin-compatible and function-compatible, so they can be used as replacement for existing IC. Besides, a lineup of very small and thin package makes compact implementation near micro controllers possible. All lineups are Pb-free, and meet RoHS.
SPICE Models List Design Models Page

ROHM’s proprietary microfabrication technology was utilized to develop on-chip transformer processes for compact, isolated gate drivers.

ROHM offers a wide lineup of general-purpose 3-pin regulators featuring low power consumption, high current capability, and high voltage resistance, making them ideal for mobile phones, automotive systems, consumer electronics, and commercial/industrial equipment.

ROHM's large current external FET controller type switching regulators are compatible with virtually all switching power supply applications due to their wide input voltage range, multi-operation capability (step-up/negative voltage/step-down), and flexible operating frequency.
AC/DC Converter IC Support Page

  • Isolated Converters (AC/DC, DC/DC)

ROHM power management switch ICs integrate a low ON-resistance MOSFET and multiple protection circuits on a single chip,resulting in low loss, high efficiency, and stable, reliable operation - all on a single chip. Ideal for power management in USB memory sticks, expansion modules for PCs, and other digital devices.

ROHM offers a broad lineup of LED drivers, such as AC/DC, DC/AC, and constant current types optimized for a variety of applications, including lighting, backlighting, camera flash, displays, and automotive systems.

Earth Leakage Detector ICs

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