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MOSFETs, Bipolar Transistors, Digital Transistors, Complex Transistors, Transistor Arrays





Field-effect transistor MOSFET. 0.9V - 10V drive type are available, with superiorfeatures of high-speed switching and low On-Resistance.

Available in the variety of packages having the nature such as small-signal, thin and high-power to cover the market extensively.

  • Bipolar Transistors

Digital transistors are invented by Rohm first in the market, which is the transistor combining built-in resistor(s) for convenience of digital circuit. This product segment is becoming further extensive as in ultra-small packages for space-saving and also with various combination of resistor layout/resistance value.

  • Digital Transistors

This group of transistors are hybrid transistor with other device as combination listed below in ultra-small package type, small power type and so on, for the benefit of space saving and components reduction.

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