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Infrared Image Sensor


The ML8540WD is a medium-resolution (approximately 2,000 pixels) infrared image sensor that allows noncontact temperature measurement of an object and easy obtaining of thermal images. The ML8540WD receives infrared rays from an object at 48×47 (2,256) pixels resolution, converts them into voltage through a thermopile, and selects pixels in accordance with external CPU clocks to output signals. The built-in op-amp circuit amplifies the infinitesimal voltage of the thermopile for conventional output signal level. Furthermore, the temperature sensor circuit is used to output a temperature-compensated signal by measuring the chip temperature.


  • A medium-resolution (approximately 2,000 pixels) infrared image sensor allows easy obtaining of thermal images.
  • Thermopile design requires no Peltier cooling, achieving less energy consumption.
  • Semiconductor technology and MEMS micro machining has realized a high sensitivity and integration.
  • Combined use of general-purpose logic circuit provides reduced component cost.



  • 2D radiation thermometers
  • Body temperature control (Health monitors)
  • Air conditioner control
  • Surveillance cameras and security sensors
  • Industrial-use temperature monitoring

Application Examples

Application Example

Pixel selection is made with a clock signal output from customer’s host CPU. This allows thermal images to be easily obtained by capturing an amplified signal with host ADC and performing additional signal processing.


Parameter Specification
Part No. ML8540WD
Power supply voltage 5V
Operating temperature -20 to +70°C
IR sensor 48×47(2,256) pixels
Measurement range*:
-30 to 60°C (10bit)
-30 to 300°C (12bit)
*Depends on ADC resolution
Peripheral circuit Temperature sensing circuit, Amp., Reference power supply
Temperature resolution 0.5°C
Readout rate 4 frames per second
Operating current (typ.) <5mA with peripheral circuit in use
<1mA with peripheral circuit not in use

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