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Mini Low Power Microcontroller
ML610100 series

5V Compatible 8-bit Low Power Microcontroller ML610100 Series


ML610100 series of Microcontrollers are designed to be well suited for use in many industrial and home appliance applications because of their Wide Supply and Input Voltage and Temperature ranges, Low Power Consumption, and High Electrical Noise Immunity.
The ML610100 series devices realize high performance while consuming low power by using LAPIS Semiconductor's well proven 8bit RISC “ U8 ” CPU Core and advanced design and fabrication processes.
ML610100 series devices can be used in traditionally electrically noisy applications including motor control, energy harvesting sensors and nodes, audio and speech control, smoke and fire detection, security and access control, battery management, home appliances, lighting control, power monitoring and metering, and many other embedded designs, because of the inherent high noise immunity of the devices.  The integration of voltage regulation and a timing reference circuit, which require no external components, reduce system level cost and board area while decreasing the number of components required around the device.



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