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Low Power Microcontroller,MCUs

High Performance,Ultra-Low-Power MCUs,Ultra-Low-Voltage,High Noise Immunity,Built-In Speech Output Function,Sensor Hub,Power-saving Solar Power Supply Control,ARM,Development Support System

The Best Choice for Your Next Application Development.

ML62Q1000 series feature high spec, high performance, low power and tough noise resistance, support wider application.

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NEWNew Productsupdate 2017/05/10

Low Power Microcontrollerupdate 2018/10/31

Sotware compatible rich peripherals, 14 safey functions with additional new 8 functions and take over the noise resistance of existing tough MCUs. The pin layouts are placed in relatively similar, help change the package or program size. ML62Q1000 series feature high spec, high performance, low power and tough noise resistance, support wider application.

High Noise Immunity microcontrollers achieves both low power consumption and high noise resistance, ideal for industrial equipment and home appliances.

High performance ultra-low-power 16-bit microcontrollers are equipped with LAPIS Semiconductor's original 16-bit RISC CPU "U16 Core". These microcontroller series are capable of supporting ultra low power consumption such as 0.45µA in Halt mode and 250µA/MHz in operating mode, and moreover 16MHz-operating frequency.

Ultra-low-voltage low power 8-bit microcontrollers are equipped with LAPIS Semiconductor's original RISC 8bit CPU " U8 Core ". The CPU core is capable of efficient instruction execution in one-instruction one cycle by 3-stage pipelined architecture parallel processing. The clock generation circuit is applied the dual clock composition and operates in low-speed mode and power-saving mode. This family products are popular for the battery-driven hand-held type applications and in a variegated field.

Microcontrollers with built-in speech output function are a high performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with speech output functionality, which applied RISC method 8 bits "U8 Core" of LAPIS Semiconductor. High quality sound playback function and high power speaker amplifier are integrated as hardware, and speech output function is implemented by a monolithic. Sound quality is better and control easier than conventional middleware solutions, maximizing microcontroller performance.

Sensor hub microcontrollers are highly optimized for smartphone, smart devices and any other equipment associating with various sensors. These MCUs make it possible to separate the continuously operating sensors in smartphones and wearable devices from the main chipset, lightening host processor load and prolonging battery life.

Development Support Systemupdate 2017/02/27

LAPIS Semiconductor's program development support system is comprised of software and hardware tools that support program development. The software tool provides an intuitive GUI that makes it possible to efficiently perform a variety of actions, from program creation to debugging.


Support site 

The latest development software and technical documents can be obtained. ※Account is required . Registration is here.

Starter kit download 

Starter kit software package for 16bit MCU.

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