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The Best Choice for Your Next Application Development.

LAPIS Semiconductor offers broad product lineup and quick technical support. "Legacy DRAM" of stable supply, "P2ROM™" of a short lead time read-only memory, "FeRAM" of high rewrite durability and high-speed data rewrite, "NOR Flash" of superior data retention characteristics.

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NEWNew Productsupdate 2016/03/31

Volatile Memoryupdate 2017/03/31

FP(Fast Page), EDO(Extended Data Output) DRAM are asynchronous to clock CMOS DRAM. Lapis Semiconductor provides abundant lineup of FP/EDO DRAM stably for long time, then resolves customer's supply insecurity.

SDRAM(Synchronous DRAM) is synchronous to clock Dynamic RAM. As only a domestic SDRAM maker with over a quarter of century, we provide high quality and high reliability SDRAM for industy and automotive market.

Video memory (FIFO:First-in First-out) is a type of serial access memory used specifically for image data buffering.
This eliminates address/refresh management as well as the complicated arbitration of Read/Write controls required with DRAM.
Simple control is enabled for easy frame processing. In addition, unlike conventional systems neither an internal FIFO nor SDRAM controller are required.

Non-Volatile Memoryupdate 2016/05/31

FeRAM is Ferro-electric Random Access Memory from 32Kbit to 256Kbit configuration developed by ferroelectrics process and CMOS process technology.

NOR Flash achieves superior data retention characteristics by a floating gate memory cell and bit error correction via ECC(Error Correction Code) circuit.

LAPIS Semiconductor's read-only, non-volatile P2ROM™ can be used similarly to mask ROM of flash ROM. And P2ROM™ are specially designed to reduce lead time and eliminate stock at the customer's site while reducing programming costs and mask charges.

ROHM serial EEPROMs are non-volatile memory optimized for data retention, available in a range of interfaces, package types, and storage capacities.

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